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Martin Barker is London-based graphic designer with specialist skills in illustration and animation.

Relax have fun t-shirt

Personal Project, 2015

Relax have fun is a recycled design from an unused project concept which featured a series of hand-drawn phrases. It’s good to reuse design elements and I could see that this design could be successfully applied to a t-shirt.

The phrase ‘Have fun relax’ is indicative of my preferred approach to work. Better design is created when I’m relaxed and playful, as opposed to stressed and uptight. So, in this case I wanted to express the loose and lively nature of the phrase by painting with brush pen onto acetate. This enabled a loose hand and allowed the brush pen to glide effortlessly across the surface, creating an expressive and dynamic line.

When applying the design to a T-shirt I looked at many different colours, trying to find the right combination to express relaxation and fun. To surpass my initial thoughts of white on yellow. I sought inspiration from Joseph Albers and his beautiful colour square paintings. Albers cultivated new ways of understanding colour through experimentation and exploration.

In visual perception a color is almost never seen as it really is – as it physically is. This fact makes color the most relative medium in art.
Josef Albers

T-shirt: colour options

T-shirt: colour options


Martin Barker
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