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Martin Barker is London-based graphic designer with specialist skills in illustration and animation.

Live for your soul t-shirt

Live for your Soul

Personal Project, 2016

‘Live for your Soul’ is an expressive, lettered phrase based on my handwriting and inspired by the psychedelic graphic design of the nineteen sixties.

The phrase is derived from the book Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy and becomes the mantra of central character, Constantine Dmitrich Levin. Throughout the story, Levin searches unsuccessfully for a philosophy to live by, until an encounter and conversation with carpenter, Theodore about land rents:

‘He’ll lend, sometimes let a man off, and so run short himself. It all depends on the sort of man.’

‘But why should he let anyone off?’
‘Oh well, you see, people differ! One man lives for his own needs. Take Mityuka, who only stuffs his own belly, but Plato is an upright old man. He lives for his soul and remembers God’. ‘How does he remember God? How does he live for the soul?’ Levin almost cried out. ‘You know rightly, in a godly way. You know people differ! Take you, for instance, you won’t injure anyone either…’

So, to ‘Live for your Soul’, is to listen and live by your inner voice. Most of us know, deep down when we are doing something right or wrong. It’s about being selfless and not stepping on someone to get what you want.

Live for your soul graphic

Colour variations

Live for your soul - rough ideas

Live for your soul – rough ideas

Live for your soul - idea development

Idea development


Martin Barker
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