Martin Barker

Martin Barker is London-based graphic designer with specialist skills in illustration and animation.

Earth Infographic

Personal Project, 2016

The infographic ‘Our home, the planet Earth’ presents a series of eight facts about our planet and its place within the Solar System. Inspired by Bill Bryson’s ‘A history of nearly everything’, this infographic was created to absorb some of the fascinating knowledge I discovered whilst reading his book.

Despite being in complete awe of the universe’s splendour and mystery, I wanted ‘Our home the planet Earth’ to be visually light-hearted, friendly and easy to understand. Keeping the style simplistic, I looked to minimalist graphics of the 1950s and 60s for stylistic inspiration, mimicking the quirky cartoonish style of the period.



Martin Barker
Graphic Design • Illustration • Animation


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