Martin Barker

Martin Barker is London-based graphic designer with specialist skills in illustration and animation.

Member get member campaign

BDA, 2014

I was commissioned to create the design and Illustrations for the Member get member campaign (MGM) in 2015. This included the creation of a lead illustration for the main headline ‘Stronger Together’ to be used in various formats across print and web, adverts, flyers and conference stand graphics.

A campaign playbook was created by the company We Salute You and is based on the simple concept that members are the best advocates for recommending BDA membership. They have already experienced the benefits of being part of a trade union and are in a great position to promote the BDA’s core philosophy of ‘Stronger Together’.

The lead illustration acts as a rallying call to potential members, encouraging them to join and share the strain of holding up the words ‘Stronger Together’. A band of simply illustrated stickmen symbolise a united profession working together to build a stronger union and protect important issues.

A series of smaller illustrations were created for email banners and a thank you splash screen on the web site page. The lead illustration ‘Stronger Together’ was featured on the BDA stand at the British Dental Conference and Exhibition 2015.


Martin Barker
Graphic Design • Illustration • Animation


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